Thursday, September 20

Help Save Violet

This is my baby Violet, my daughter I don't care if I didn't technically birth her haha. She is my girl. My Mother has never wanted a dog in the house but my whole family has and when my Dad got cancer and we read that a dog helps people through cancer it was a done deal for team doggie. It was just what we all needed to get through such tough times. I even remember when I was dating my share of psychopaths and because of Violet I swore I would stop crying and being with someone who treated me like shit because my baby wouldn't want to see her Mom cry. She was my sunshine in a dark time in my life. So time to get to the point before water damage caused by tears breaks my laptop. Last week I took her into the Vet because she was limping a bit when she walked and I just chalked it up as arthritis and she needed some relief medicine. Take her in on my day off my version of Sunday is Monday. The Vet tells me its bone cancer, and has the worst bed side manner in history starts telling me about putting her to sleep and how long she will live. I was in shock and disgusted by how this Vet would bring up such a thing, oh yeah and with NO TESTS to back this diagnoses. I didn't have enough money for the tests that day made a appointment for the next day. Took xrays and the worst was proven she had bone cancer and the bump on her front ankle was a tumor that is eating at her bone. I laid on the floor crying with her once we got home. Times have turned very tough financially and after the xrays and tests my bank account was dry. Meanwhile my Dad lost his job two weeks ago. Our only hope for helping Violet the family dog and my daughter is by fundraiser. We need to raise money for her leg amputation thats the main goal. Chemotherapy is another thing but right now she needs desperately a leg amputation. If you know Golden Retrievers then you know how goofy happy they are to be around people and enjoy any little time you give them, full of true happiness and a huge golden heart. Because of this she was playing with my Dad all crazy all with the tumor on her ankle and in only seconds she fell and began to scream at the top of her baby lungs. Everyone in the house heard and ran out. Her eyes were wide in shock it was a very disturbing heartbreaking image. We don't know what that has done to her leg now, she cant walk on the leg and has slowly been getting back to her crazy self. Which now puts constant fear in my heart of the leg just snapping if she doesn't hold herself the right way or any sudden movement. That's why she needs the leg amputation as soon as possible. I tell everyone put 2 and 2 together, if the bone snaps because the tumor is eating at the bone and we don't have money that only equals one thing. It's easier for me to say this instead of going into real details because I cant face that thought or that word. Please my Noirlettes help my baby. Donate anything any amount you can it all adds up as long as everyone pitches in something. And spread the word to anyone and everyone you can!

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This is my baby and I'll be damned if I don't do everything in my power to help her. Please do the same in anyway you can to help. It means everything to me.

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Wednesday, August 22

Gangster Squad

I LOVE this movie! And not because Ryan Gosling is in it because I LOVE the movie! It's Old Los Angeles that sums it up, you have all the fashion and manly shit of those days. Ryan Golsing's voice is funny in this though.. it's amusingly cute. The song is amazing duh by JayZ it was off his Kingdom Come album, listen to the song below. And be prepared to become OBSESSED!

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Monday, July 30

Yves Saint Laurent fairy tale

I came upon the YSL lipstick stain video while looking up lipsticks on the site. Because my BDAY is this Wednesday and I want a totally fucking insane red as red YSL lipstick. And I want to go get it on my BDAY to honor Yves at the same time and we can celebrate our bdays together..sad face. If you don't know already Yves bday is on Aug 1st just like mine. I also love that I stumbled upon this video because I have been going on the brink of insanity trying to figure out what color and style to do my room. The black has to go. And this video totally inspired me! Like a Noirlette x Valentines palette! The red, pink and black together!

Wednesday, July 18